The Room Parents Responsibilities

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Being a room parent is a big responsibility, but it comes with a lot of rewards. The main purpose of a room parent is to support the teachers and administrators in creating a positive learning atmosphere for the kids. Some of the responsibilities of a room parent include:

Organizing and chaperoning field trips

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As a room parent, one of your main responsibilities is to organize and chaperone field trips. This can be a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. Here are some tips to help make the process go smoothly:

  • Make sure you know the guidelines for chaperones set by the school.
  • Work with the other room parents to create a schedule for chaperones.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary permissions and paperwork in order before the trip.
  • Meet with the teachers ahead of time to go over the itinerary and expectations.

Serving as a liaison between the parents and the teachers

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One of the most important responsibilities of a room parent is to act as a liaison between the parents and the teachers. This means that you will be the go-to person for communication between the two groups. Some of your duties in this role include:

  • Sending out updates and reminders from the teachers to the parents.
  • Collecting feedback from parents and bringing it to the attention of the teachers.
  • Helping to plan and organize parent-teacher conferences.
  • Attending PTA meetings and representing the parents in the classroom.

Helping with classroom parties and other events

Room parents also play a big role in helping to plan and organize classroom parties and other events. This can involve anything from helping to decorate the room to bringing in food and drinks. Here are some tips to make sure the party goes off without a hitch:

  • Work with the other room’s parents to come up with a theme for the party.
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need ahead of time.
  • Set up the party area ahead of time so everything is ready to go when the kids arrive.
  • Clean up the party area afterward so it’s ready for the next event.

A night out for moms and dads

Room parents also have the important responsibility of organizing a night out for the moms and dads. This is a great way for the parents to relax and unwind, and it’s also a great opportunity for you to get to know the other parents better. Here are some tips for planning a successful night out:

  • Choose a date that works for everyone.
  • Book a reservation at a restaurant or bar that has space for a large group.
  • Send out reminders to the parents a few days before the event.
  • Make sure you have someone to watch the kids while the parents are out.

Coordinating volunteers

Room parents also coordinate volunteers for various classroom activities and events. This can be a big job, but it’s important to have plenty of help so everything runs smoothly. Here are some tips for coordinating volunteers:

  • Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and find out who can do each one.
  • Schedule a meeting with all the volunteers to go over the task list and expectations.
  • Follow up with everyone after the event to make sure they were able to complete their tasks.

Collecting donations for the classroom

Another big responsibility of room parents is collecting donations for the classroom. This can include anything from school supplies to food and snacks. Here are some helpful hints for gathering contributions:

  • Make a list of all the items the classroom needs and send it out to the parents.
  • Have a box or basket in the classroom where parents can drop off donations.
  • Send out reminders to the parents about donations periodically.
  • Thank the parents for their donations and let them know how much they are appreciated.


These are some of the  Room parent responsibilities, that go along with the job. Their job is hard working and important for the school community. So if you are up for the task, Room parents play an important role in the school community! And remember to have fun with it. After all, the kids are worth it!

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