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christian parenting books

There are many Christian parenting books in print. But, which ones are the best? Which ones can help you solve your problems and achieve the most successful parenting? These are questions we all have. Here is a review of a few popular titles that may be helpful to you as you search for the answers.

By: Caren Tran | covers the topic of motherhood in a Christian perspective. Although the writer, Caren Tran, does not consider herself a mother, the content within this book is geared towards mothers. In this title, she tackles several issues mothers face. One such book is titled, “Caroline’s Guide to Becoming a Mother.” In this volume, Tran offers advice and techniques for mothers-to-be and those who have been mothers.

By: Pam Frye | also covers the topic of motherhood in a Christian perspective. This title focuses on advice that can be used by stay at home moms when they become a mom. Among the advice given in this title are suggestions on feeding your kids, creating time to bond with your kids and how to deal with work and other family priorities. Other helpful parenting advice includes using visualization to encourage positive thinking and how to get your kids to want to do the right things. This book is also available in an audio format for those who would rather not read the book.

An Overview

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By: Lisa Nichols | also covers the topic of motherhood in a Christian perspective. This book provides solid biblical teaching for parents and provides practical ways to remain a godly parent even when you have children. This book also provides a good overview of the concept of parenting godly. It provides examples of what a Christian mother should do to be a godly parent and a Christian father should do to be a good father.

By: Pam Frye | also covers the issue of being a life-giving parent. It discusses the issues of being a godly parent and a non-godly one. The author gives helpful insights into how being a godly parent can help a family survive in difficult times. Other helpful parenting advice includes using God’s words to teach children self-respect and self-confidence.

By: John Dobson – A Guide to Parenting Children of differing faiths and cultures. This book teaches five love languages which are essential to healthy Christian parenting. These love languages include, caring, compromise, imitation and faith. It also teaches you how to develop and maintain these loving relationships through grace-based parenting.

Christian Parenting Books

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By: Karen Bass Stafford – Mothering America’s parenting bible. This book will help guide others through the process of becoming a good mother. It will help guide moms on their journey from being a single parent without financial means to becoming a mother who can provide for her kids. It talks about the biblical character, Sarah, as well as other important biblical figures who became mothers. It also tackles the issues of teenage pregnancy, teenage motherhood, and how to successfully raise kids while working and studying.

By: Lisa Olson – An award winning author who has written over 100 best-selling books on various topics, this one is a must have for any parent looking to become a better Christian parent. It talks about how to raise a child in a Christian family while still having fun and making friends. Kids will learn how to be respectful of others and learn how to respect god knows best for them to grow up as good, stable Christian kids.

By: Amy Waterman – This book is an excellent primer on how to parent from a Christian perspective. It covers the basics of raising kids, what is wrong with mainstream parenting, the 14 gospel principles, and how to bring up great kids. It also covers the causes of teen pregnancy, how to get your children to grow up values based on the Bible. It gives practical examples and real life situations of what you can do to radically change the way your kids think, feel and behave. You simply cannot read this book and not learn something new about raising your children.

By: Bethel Swahn – This is a book for all moms. It teaches the importance of disciplining your daughters according to the Bible and other worldly wisdom. It discusses the ways that bad decisions can affect both your family and your daughters. It tells how you can effectively use your parenting skills to raise great daughters who respect you, trust you and respect their own beliefs and principles. It gives wonderful advice for how to become the best parents you can be for your daughters.

By: Lisa Nichols – This book will help you become a better Christian parent and provides wonderful advice on how to raise great kids. She teaches you how to be a good example of Christian parenting and how to encourage your kids to develop the grace-based parenting skills that will make them grow up to be successful, productive and Christ centered young adults. It covers every topic you could ever want to know about including how to raise great kids, how to raise godliest of girls, and even how to have the best Christian boys in the world. This is a really valuable Christian parenting book that has helped many moms and dads understand what the bible is really talking about when it comes to teaching kids right from wrong, helping them develop character and serving the Lord.

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